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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beautiful swap and wrong meds????

Happy Sunday everyone.
Hop you are having a blessed day.

Our ETSY Team did a spring sway and I wanted to share what I got from my partner Donna.

It is hand painted onto wood. I have it hanging in my craft area. I so love the saltbox houses and those cute little sheep.  

Donna has a wonderful ETSY shop Countryside Cottage Prims and Folkart 

You should go see her things!

As for me.....I have been battling a sinus infection. Finally went last Tuesday to the doctor for antibiotics. She gave me amoxicillion like I asked for and told her I CANT take Augmentin. 
Well from the moment I took the first pill my nausea, stomach cramps, severe diarrhea, and finally vomiting by Friday morning. I knew something was wrong.

Got in to see another doctor. The amoxicillion she gave me also had Augmentin in it!! That doctor was mad and so was I.

Today I am finally feeling a little bit normal. 
BEWARE!!! From now on I am looking up every medication and the mgs before I take it. The bottle said 875mg amoxicillion. SO I assumed it was ok.

The new doctor said that is the one that has augmentin in it. UGH!! 

Its been some painful days, but my Lord has helped me along the way. He is so great that way.
Monday I am calling to let the other doctor know what she did and to put in my chart no augmentin.

Wrong meds can be a deadly and scarey thing.

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's almost April

Most of you in the country are waiting for spring.

Here we have had spring weather for  a while.
Which could mean a HOT summer.

So...Remember all the ducks that we have had in our pool this year??

Well one momma decided to stay and make a nest.

I know its hard to tell in this pic but she is under the bush by our diving board.
Hubby takes her food outside but she doesnt eat it LOL
She leaves the nest for a few hours to go eat I guess. Then comes back home.

She isn't scared of us. We think there is 3 eggs atleast.
Hubby is so excited!!!!


My niece Zoe turned 7 on Friday. Can you believe that??

She had such a great time. It was at a pizza place.

This is the pillow I made her. It is a pattern from Southern Bell Scentz. It says Jesus loves me. Zoe really liked it.


My healthy Journey
How has everyone been doing out there with theirs?
I have adapted a few new things.
I am drinking MORE water then I am soda pop. 
That is a miracle let me tell you.
Water tends to make me nauseated so I have learned to sip water. Also I am drinking at room temp and that seems to help.

Also since I CAN NOT eat any raw fruits or veggies I have been trying  a few things.
i so miss bananas!!! So I tried making banana chips.

It said to bake them at 200 degrees for hours.
I put cinnamon on a few.
Well, they were not hard like chips they were mushy. 

So I didn't have chips, but what I did do was put them in my vitamix with some peanut butter, milk, and ice and made a smoothie. 

Oh it was soo yummy!!! No sugar added!!

 I have also bought me and exercise DVD that I have wanted for a long time. Will share with you next time how that is going.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I feel like its been forever

Missing blogging lately.
I have been a busy lady.
Sometimes too busy for my own good.

Anyone else out there like that?

I wanted to let yall know about a sale our
Folk Art and Primitives team is having

It is on our facebook selling page.
I know I will be offering ALOT of things on sale.

I hope you will join us. You can click on the link following this post and we will add you to our group. I can't wait to get started.

I have some wonderful pics to share with you next time about some wonderful gifts, findings, and an update on my getting healthy Journey.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Howdy March

March has arrived and with it brings lots of blooms here in my neck of the desert.
As a person with allergies that makes me go HACHOO!!!


So I try and get outside when I can and not for long periods of time.

Wanted to show you a pillow I made for a charity auction.

It is darker in person and so pretty.
I think I may end up listing in my ETSY shop for orders and making one for myself.

I took off last Wednesday from work and spent the morning with my hubby.
We went to Butterfly Wonderland.

I am always nervous about things flying around my head LOL.

 Can you see the pretty green one? It was the only like this and so beautiful

 There were alot of different black ones and I to say they were my favorite. They looked like velvet.

They had a few of these around. Yummy's for the butterflies.

Here is hubby with his favorite. It had the prettiest blue when it opened up. This little guy rode on his should for quite some time. And as you can see with the smile on his face, he didn't mind one bit.

I have to say it was a fun day for us. It was humid inside where the butterflies are. After about 30 min I was telling hubby I am an Arizona girl, I am use to dry heat!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Facebook Giveaway and catching up!

Hello everyone! Have I told you how Thankful I am for each and everyone of you???

I love the sweet comments that are left for me!

Seriously, you all are just awesome!

Wanted to let you all know I am having a GIVEAWAY on my business facebook page.

Isn't he cute!! He is a bunny ornie.
 You can use him also as a bowl filler if you dont have a Spring Tree.

Just go to my facebook page, like, and comment on the post.
You can find me on facebook by clicking Here to go to Cynzplace

Ends March 15th so I can get it to you in time for Spring.

Arizona has been a little more toasty then I like.
But this weekend we are suppose to get rain.
I sure hope so we need to cool off or this summer is going to be a scorcher!

We are going to TRY and plant a garden. I have tried before and well, I couldnt get anything to grow!!!  Will post pics if we do. It will be a SMALL one to start out.

So hop on over and see me on my facebook page!!!

Yall are GREAT!

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Is it just me or has this been a long day!! I think it is because I got up way to early!!

I have been working on Americana things to put in my ETSY shop.

I have also been working on some scripture pillow tucks.

Also been making some Annie pillow tucks

It is a pattern by TwigsNSprings.

NOW on to the winner!
Thank you everyone for posting such wonderful comments.
Hubby loved them!

He chose the winner by picking a number and the WINNER is
Peggy of  Autumn's Promise

Peggy send me your address at my email

Hubby will have these for sale in my ETSY shop soon along with some other awesome ones!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Giveaway and I am SO excited! I just can't hide it!!

OK, I am trying to remain calm as I type this but I am beyond excited!

Remember my hubby who took this awesome photo!!!

look at that detail!!!
One thing that my hubby has a passion for is animals. I believe it is his calling in life!
He also enjoy photography. 

The one with him petting the turtle is my absolute favorite!

So, why am I excited??? Hubby has decided to start selling his pictures.

To show the world God's beautiful animals he created for us.

Sooooo to kick off his start we are having a giveaway!!!

Here it is. John took this pic of 3 geese that were following him around. We decided to print it on fabric and it says Home Sweet Home.

Hubby even helped me iron and stuff the pillow see..

He is really great at it!! I knew I'd make a crafter out of him LOL

Ta da!!!!

All you have to do to win is be a follower and leave a comment on THIS post!!!
Silly me forgot to add the end date, lol, see how excited I was.
Winner will be chosen on  February 23rd!!!

Please help me spread the word for this giveaway!! 
Hubby ( John ) would be so happy if you did!!