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Thursday, September 11, 2014

nine eleven

I remember right where I was. 
I was getting the kids ready for school. Oh they were so little then.
I turned on the TV as I usually did in the mornings so the kids could watch cartoons.

No cartoons, No happy faces, just confusion.

It was early. The towers had just been hit and no one knew yet what was going on.

I pondered in my heart do I send the kids to school today?

The kids wanted to go, so I took them to the bus stop. By the time I got back home...
Our nation had changed.

I called my hubby at work. He said keep the news on. Listen to what they are saying.

I watched in horror. All those people running and scared for their lives. Firefighters, police men, every day citizens pulling together.

That evening when the kids were home with me and hubby. We talked about what happened.

I never thought in my life I would ever see this on American soil.

13 years later, the world has become more and more evil.

I pray that the USA becomes a country that loves and cherishes God again.

I pray my grand children will never experience what Our country did on that day.

It's bone chilling how Satan can manipulate people into doing his evil deeds. 

God Bless the USA. 

( picture from Pinterest)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello September

I am so Thankful September is here. That means cooler temps will be coming soon to us.

Have you started decorating for fall? I have. Oh yes I have.

I have been making some cards. I am using graphics by Ewe-N-Me Printables.
I really enjoy making them and sending them to people I know.

Just darling graphics she has.

I am working on a giveaway for my blog and facebook page. Thanks for everyone who responded and voted what yall want.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Good morning and happy Saturday!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Are you working? Relaxing? both?

We are all moved into the new townhouse and ONE thing that I have learned from all of this is that when moving from a house to a smaller townhouse you must have an imagination.

Meaning, where will I put all these things I think that I need!

In the kitchen we have limited space so my big armoire that I kept all my craft things in is now in the dinning room and actually it works perfect.

We no longer have a panty, just 2 cupboards to hold our food. So no more buying 15 cans of green beans when on sale. No place to put it all.

Master bathroom. Ah yes in the old house ample room for all the beauty things me and the hubby need. New place, I have one tiny drawer and under the sink. My poor elbows now bang the walls and there is no stretching of any kind.

Oh and the stairs.  There are 7 going up then a landing and 7 more. Being a big gal I hated them the first few days. But I have noticed 2 things. My knees don't hurt anymore..hummm..and you LEARN quickly to NOT forget anything when going up for the night LOL.

All and all the move has been wonderful. And know what all those "things" we thought we "needed" we really don't. I mean there is 4 in my family, why do we need 20 coffee mugs! We are not down to 8. :) 

Alot of the stuff we sold or donated. I have less space but more room if that makes any sense.

Next post I will be posting my giveaway. 

Until next time,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving in The Heat

You heard that correctly.
We are the middle of summer!

The owners of the home we rent have decided to sell. So we have decided to try Townhome living for a few years.

Our boys are in their twenties and dont really play outside anymore. So we dont need the big yard.
Hubby hates mowing because he has become allergic to the grass.

We will have a community pool where we are headed. So we can still enjoy that.

I wont be back on blogging until 2 weeks from now,,,,BUT I may pop on ya just never know.

I also put my ETSY shop on vacation. BUT will come back with some fall things I have been working on.

I will leave you with a card I made using a gorgeous tag collection from Ewe-N-Me Printables.

Isnt it adorable!!  I did it all by sewing machine. Osnaburg sewn on and then scrapbook paper and them the tag.  This collection is really beautiful!!!

So until I return....pray for a safe and easy move.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

I need your VOTE

Was going through some of my pics on my hard drive today. 

WOW..I have been a creative busy body!

Thought I'd make a collage and show ya.

I absolutely LOVE creating! I usually turn my gospel music on and away the sewing or painting or crocheting goes.

I am going to kick off the fall season with a give away soon!!! 



a. Fall rag doll
b.Fall ornament
c. Fall stitchery pillow
d. Fall set of 3 cards

Let me know in the comments!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy as a bee

Yep that is me. I have been alot more busy this summer then I usually am.

I have been having alot of orders and I so Thank God for that. They are much needed.

One of my biggest orders is for me crows.

Here they are all naked LOL
I do have these listed in my ETSY shop.
My kitty Maggie is growing up so fast. She is almost 2. I can't believe that!!
Here she is taking a nap on my printer. Ha!! 
 I also wanted to show you a banner I made with printable tags from Ewe-N-Me Praintables.

 I am thinking of making another one and putting in my ETSY shop. Wanna know how to make this?
I have an easy tutorial on the Ewe-N-Me Printables BLog

Go see, make one!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Here it is July

I can't believe that it is July already. Man I so believe my grandma now. She use to tell me the older you get the faster it goes.  As a kid I so didn't believe her. I mean Christmas took a bazillion katrillion months to get there. Now I think its only a few months in between.

We had a quiet 4th of July. We went to our pastors home for a BBQ.
I miss seeing the fireworks but I was not willing to 
brave the crowds.

Our youngest turned 20. Yes my little Justin is now 20.

Justin is the one on the Left. Hubby John is in the middle and our oldest Damian is on the right.

I tell ya I am one blessed lady!

Photo: She loves being by me when I am sewing. I just love this kitty!

and then there is Miss Maggie. I tell ya she is the neatest kitty ever! Trust me when I say I am not an animal person. Hubby so is me eh..we have always had pets. Hubby loves cats. But there is something about Maggie that I just love. Maybe it is because she wants to be by me when I am sewing or blogging. Either way she is a keeper.
Photo: Working on some believe burlap pillows. What's on your craft table?

I have been a busy lady crafting. I bought there burlap pieces and I am making pillow tucks out of them I am way to chicken to put burlap through my computer LOL I mean PRINTER LOL

Photo: New Farmhouse towel I created using a print from Ewe-N-Me Printables.  If you like the print you can get yours here.

This is a decorative towel that I made using a graphic from Ewe-N-Me Printables. Isnt that sheep just darling?? I made the flower and put some pipberries in it. 
This will be available on the FAAP AUCTION HOUSE on July 14th.  You can search for  our group on facebook to be added.

I hope to not stay gone so long next time.