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Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Busyness

Seems August has been a busy one for me.

Some great orders have been keeping my hands busy. 
I have also been having some pain...
Dr thinks its carpel tunnel.

So off to a specialist I will go.

A while ago we got another kitty. 
This is Shelby.

She is adorable...and a stinker...and loving...and active.
We sure love having her.

Hubby  and I went with our church family to Northern Arizona to a place
called Bearizona.
It was a blessing to get out of the heat and be where it was cool.

Our Etsy Team is also having a giveaway.
It is being held on Instagram.
10 things are being given away.
So if you have Instagram make sure you are following me for details.
It is starting August 24th.

You can follow me here:

You don't want to miss it! Its fall and Christmas things!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

I am ready for Pumpkin Season

I am ready for fall.
I am ready for pumpkin everything.
I am ready for cooler temps.
I am ready for orange and rust brown colors.

I might have to start pulling the fall decor out early!

New to my shop and I really like this one!

I also have a great pumpkin ornament in my shop.

Are you ready for fall?

If you you have to tell me what is your favorite part!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's been a While

Well hello there.

I took a short blogging break to work on some things for Etsy.

If you are still here....I am glad!

Summer is in full swing here in the desert of Arizona.

This is the time of year I want to stay inside as much as possible.

As an Arizona native I should be use to the 113 degree temps

day after day after day. 

But the older I get...the more the heat bothers me.

I have not traveled this great nation as much as I should have,

So I have no clue what state I want to live in if I ever move.

Just don't want heat...and I want rain!

What about where you live??

Would that be a great place?

Oh tell me about it!!
I'd love to hear.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Old Memories

Our oldest son is 25 and our youngest is 21.


Man that did go fast. I am proud of both of them.

SO I have been lugging around a box of old memories.

The box holds oodles and oodles of all their stuff they did in school.

I new what I wanted to do with it but just had not done it.

So I have been spending the past few weeks going through their paperwork, winning ribbons, certificates and pictures.

I don't know how I am going to fit that many memories into a two 20 page albums.


It has been lots of tears and lots of Oh I remember that!

This is the one I am doing first. It is our oldest sons book.

Man...the memories over flood this momma's heart!

But I am thankful I saved so many things. 
What a blessing these boys are for us!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stanley Hotel

That is where I want to be sometimes.
Back on vacation in our little cabin.

While we were there we drive past the Stanley Hotel.

We didn't go in but now that I think of it we probably should have.

It really is pretty. 
Alot smaller when you get right up to it.

Yet so beautiful.

I can imagine this in the snow.
There was very little on the ground where this place was.

But we enjoyed it just the same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day for me is never a big production.

When our boys were little I always got the gift they made at school and I so loved those.

As they have got older.
They are usually working. 
Or one is home and the other is working.

I always ask for the same thing every year.

A picture with them.

they grumble most years but this time they didn't.

It's nice to have older children.

I know as mommas we always say we have the best children.
We really do!

Damian on the left is our oldest.
Justin on the right is our youngest.
And this momma loves them to pieces!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Woods Canyon Lake Arizona

Someday I will talk more about this journey I am on.
But for now let's just say...

This trip to Woods Canyon Lake was a workout.

This lake is in Northern Arizona. It is beautiful.
I have never been there that I know of.
Unless I went as a kid and don't remember.

The goal for me at the lake was to dip my feet in the lake.
As you can see there is still snow patches on the ground.

I tell you this..I did not expect that. 
I always forget it is still cooler up north. 52 degrees!

Here is a selfie of hubby and I.
Our faces were cold, my hair was a mess, and we got in some wonderful views 
and GREAT exercise.

I know this because today my thighs are feeling it!