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Sunday, March 19, 2017


What we call Spring time in Arizona
is in full force. 

For the last few weeks I had avoided an allergy
related troubles.

Then I decided to sit outside for a few minutes ...
and BAM!

Sneezing...stuffy....watery eyes. 

Yep finally hit me. 

So this weekend I decided to stay inside and
stay out of our heat. 

It has been in the 90s and well this girl doesnt do well in the heat!

Maggie and Shelby seem to be getting along alot better.

Shelby is almost a year old but she still wants to play 

Here is a rare glimpse of them
getting along...all though this was
right before Shelby smacked Maggie.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Free Graphic March

This Christian life is NOT always and easy one.

But it is so worth it!

Where do we go to renew and grow our faith?

To his word!

The more we read and hear his word 

the stronger our faith becomes. 

and it grows and grows.

Please feel free to print out or share on social media.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Learning and Learning

As a kid I remember hearing my grandma say how fast time flies.
Being a kid I remember thinking
Christmas takes forever to get here.

What I learned.

The older we get the faster life goes.

I plan to enjoy this life.

Every minute God has blessed me with.

and I am learning a few things along the way.

I am leaning how to take selfies with a selfie stick!

I am leaning that windy day trips with the hubby are amazing!
Even if the lake is pretty dried up!
and if my hair is blowing and tickling his face.

I am learning that even when you are stuck in the mud
God is there to help out.

We were stuck in the mud and I looked out my window and said 
Hey there is a carpet out there.
Yes in the middle of the woods!

You see that carpet gave us enough traction to get out of the mud,

Oh how I love the Lord.
How I love this season in my life.
Even with all its trials.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How about a car show

Happy Sunday Morning.

The weather here in Arizona is spring like
so hubby decided it was high time
we went to a car show.

Hubby has a love affair with Corvettes!
He always has.

I tend to gravitate towards Mustangs!

I loved this 1966 Sweet!

We call this...Corvette Row lol

We had a great time.
I am enjoying this cool weather because summer is coming for us
and I don't like the heat.

Did you do anything fun this week?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Free Graphic February

Has the Lord been good to you?

He sure has been good to me.

He has brought me through some really difficult trials!

I hope this graphic reminds us,
who we need to run to in times of need.

and not to be afraid.
Oh that is the hard part isn't it?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Busy Making Things

Happy Sunday Friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I have been busy creating things for my Etsy shop.

Like these pretty green flowers.

Decided I had better get some Americana Hearts listed as well.

These say USA on them
They would look great on the patio in your Patriotic Decor

I hope that the week has been good to you.
Let me know how you are doing!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The kitties

It is no secret
the kitties we get always always pick
my hubby as their favorite human.

Here is naptime with Shelby...she literally has to be touching hubby while she sleeps.

And then there is Maggie. She waits patiently by the door looking for hubby to 
come walking up from work to give him love!

Shelby if a Russian Blue
she is too curious for her own good and smart!
She studies you when you do things and tried to  mimic it.

Maggie is almost 5 and honestly she just loves seeing if
 she can sqeeeeze into any box or container we have.

I adore having these two kittes!!!
Do you have any fur babies?