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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Chatting

Everyday Ruralty we are again.
another chat on the porch.

1.Are you looking forward to fall?
yes very much! In Arizona where I live in the city we don't see or feel "fall" very much. I will also miss my pool. BUT the heat will be gone and that is a good thing.
2. What are the three best colors for you to wear, and the three worst? 
Best are black, brown, and blue. Worst is orange, yellow, and purple
3. What is your favorite kind of juice? If you are not into juice, you can tell us your favorite flavor of soda, tea, coffee, Tang, mud, etc.
I don't drink juice have tummy issues and the acid makes me yucky. I do like Dr Pepper and Rootbeer which I do well with.
4. Have you ever been in the hospital (at least an overnight)? You don't need to share the ailment, but tell us what the longest time is.
Yep 2 times. I do not like hospitals..period. Both times were out patient surgery. The other 2 times I was there 2 days after having both of my Boys.
5. Do jingles, songs from ads, and TV or movie themes stick in your head? Do you find yourself singing them? (This question means that I'm trying to find out if I'm the only crazy person who sings quirky stuff!)
Oh YES!!! and let me tell you if it is stuck in my head and you are anywhere near me I am going to make sure it is stuck in your head too! LOL
 Matter of fact..if someone says a word, any word I almost bet I can find a song in my head that has that word in it LOL. Drives my kids bonkers.
Hope everyone has a good week. Next time sharing my swap goodies!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

my hubby the photographer

My hubby takes wonderful pictures.

Of people you say?

Of cars you say?

Of what then?

Animals and nature.

Yes he is drawn to them. Always has and I have been with him almost 24 years.

Wanted to show you his latest picture.

We have a hummingbird family in our lemon tree.
This little guy keeps watch day and night at the top of the tree.

and if any bird gets to close..he chases them away.

Several times while trying to get the right shot, this little guy would come down from the top of the tree and flutter right in front of my hubby.

Look how beautiful he is.
It always amazes me how beautiful God has made the things of His world.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gotta love questions

Today I am linking up with 

Everyday Ruralty
for a little chatting time.won't you join me?

1 .Do you use any type of water filter (pitcher or sink mount)?
 YES! We use to lug those big blue water bottles back and forth from the store, but now we have a water filter installed on the faucet works just fine.

2. Do you have any tips for staying hydrated in the warmer weather?

YES! I live in Arizona where reaching 111 in the summer is the norm. Stay inside, stay cool, and sip water. If you sip all day you will be fine.

3. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

Well mainly straight but I have a few strands that have a slight wave to it. It is really weird.

4. Are you on top of all the chores/work you do, or are you always running behind?

Always behind. I work outside the home and get home late. But I catch up on the weekend. I have also learned as I have gotten older, dont worry about it lol

5. If you could sing a song to Wendell, what would it be?

 I am always singing gospel song, So I would sing "when the roll is called up younder" Think Wendell would like that?? :)

Today I am crafting and cleaning.
My niece Zoe who is 6 is coming to stay the night.
She is my crafting buddy.
Have a great weekend yall!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where Bloggers Create..I'm late

Well...I am late.
Yep..very late...

I am joining bloggers around the world for 
Where BLoggers Create hosted by 
Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage.

My craft room has not changed since last year.
So I decided to take a few pics and share.

First up is a huge entertainment center that I turned into my storage for craft things. It is not well organized BUT it works for me right now.

Then there is my invoice center hubbys laptop and printer. I bought a new computer with..wait for it..Windows 8..EEKK!!..and I can't print from my printer LOL

Next is my sewing area. always looks like a mess LOL

Next I am taking you outside. See that chair? That is drying station number one! LOL..Seriously, I have LOTS and LOTS of sunshine here in Arizona. I take full advantage of it.

Then there is drying station number 2, my ice chest LOL
Now PLEASE do not tell hubby! LOL I suspect he knows but just in case he does not lol.

Lastly, one of the best places that I get my inspiration. My swimming pool. I use my pool here from about the beginning of April into September. That is actualy swimming. I sing praises to Jesus while swimming and pray. I also ask the Lord to inspire me with things to make. 
The times of the year I dont swim I love sitting by the pool and making sketches of scriptures to stitch. It is very soothing to me.

A flag hangs outside as well. I do sit out front sometimes and watch it wave in the wind.
THe sprinklers? well sometimes they come on before I get my things inside from drying LOL
and those are some flowers that I am working on an order.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. I kept it as real as I could. Maybe a little boring but it works for me. :) Where do you create?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keeping busy and an FAAP giveaway

I have been very very busy around me house.
Cleaning, crafting. and cleaning, and rearranging, and crafting, an cleaning.

YEP! That is it!

But our team
Folkart and Primitives is having another GIVE-A-WAY

Click the following LINK and sign up!

See yall soooooon!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America!!!
Can I just say I love our colors!!
Red, White, and Blue!
In celebrating our nation's birthday
I am offering 20% off everything in my ETSY shop
You can go HERE  so see what I have.
Coupon code is FREEDOM and it is good til Sunday.
Everyone be safe, smile, hug, and say a prayer for those in the military who FIGHT to keep us free.
God Bless this country!!