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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Two Week Staycation

Today is the last day of mine and hubby's 2 week staycation.

Oh and it has been so nice to NOT have a schedule.

Is this what retirement feels like???

The first week we took a few days and went to Norther Arizona.
To enjoy the smell of Ponderosa Pines and get out of the heat!

We stayed at a great cabin like resort.

They were cute modern cabins and they had a mini golf right in the middle. 
This is hubby taking a shot!

Mine is the pink ball and this is where mine was most of the time. In the rough!

We did alot of driving around to explore and area of Arizona I had never been.

The mountains and trees and lakes were so wonderful!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is it Fall where You Are?

All though where I live in Arizona, fall season doesn't come until much
later in the year,
I am wanting to decorate and pull out
every pumpkin  recipie that I can find.

let's just say that my Pinterest boards are filling up fast with
oodles of ideas!

This is one of my favorite fall items that I offer in my shop.
I love kitties and I love the pumpkin fabric.

I have been making some of these as well. 
They will be going in a big bowl and hopefully my kitten Shelby will agree
that they are to stay in that bowl.
Ha Ha.

For us..the days are still hovering around 104 degrees.
But the mornings are starting out a bit cooler in the 70s.

How is fall coming along where you are?