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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Think on These Things

I have been doing an online Bible Study on Proverbs 31. Oh what beautiful scripture.
I am learning so much! Taking in his word Daily.

With God, I have to be in his word everyday. Building a relationship with him.

This is my nightstand. I have several books I am reading and my bible.
I also have a notebook for my prayers and thoughts.
His word that was written for me and you,
that shows his love,mercy,and faithfulness to us.
This scripture came to my mind
when I took this pic.

Praise Him! Glory to My God!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Its time for a Give A Way

One of my favorite holidays is approaching..the 4th of July.
I think its the colors, the celebration of My country,
and the fact my youngest son was almost born on that day..12 minutes after midnight on the 5th. hehe

So what better way to start the summer off with some
and BLUE

 This is a handmade shelf tuck. It is small and cute. I made yoyos and the bows.
I use jeans scraps from my sons pants
and checkered red from my sons girlfriends old shirt
(I love when they give me their old wares)

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Thank you to all that read my blog..I am blessed to have wonderful followers.

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As some of you know, I was raised by my Grandparents. I have never met my father, but have talked through emails and over the phone since I was in 8th grade but never meeting face to face.
When I became a serious christian in 2009, I began seeing the Lord fill all the empty holes in my heart.
Where sadness and heartache once lived...he filled with love and answers.

( horse pic taken by my hubby in Flagstaff, Arizona)

Yesterday my hubby and I had breakfast with My Aunt Kim that is on my dads side. She lives in Arizona and we connected a year ago on FB. This was my first time meeting her. It was wonderful...
Right there..
in the middle of this messy life..
the Lord is giving me my hearts desires.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My head is a spinning

Can anyone relate to me? LOL

We are busy organizing and gearing up to say in the 100's here in Arizona!
Have a GREAT Weekend yall!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

For Her on Mother's Day

She took me in as a child, without hesitation,
She never had to give me an explanation,
She did not give birth to me,
But loved me as though she did.

She put curlers in my straight blonde hair,
She mended the holes in my plaid pants,
She sat with me while I was sick,
never leaving my bed.

She taught me of Jesus, although I didn't listen,
she told me Satan was real and wanted my faith,
She reminded me fighting with my brother was not nice,
even though I thought it was all his fault.

She listened to me when I had a broken heart,
When I didn't understand ALL boys aren't mean,
She took me to the mall to see my friends,
She gave me a curfew I thought was unfair.

She taught me how to sew and crochet at an early age,
planting a craftiness seed in me,
I taught her how to cross stitch later on in life,
One crafter teaching another.

My Mother's Day is about a short red haired woman,
Who loved me with everything she had,
She loved me for me...dings, dents, and all,
she showed me what the following scripture meant..

The goal of this command is love, 
which comes from a pure heart
and a good conscience and a sincere faith.~ 1 Timothy 1:5 

 Her love for me was pure and from her Heart.
 She was a simple woman..her family was so important to her
 She believed in Jesus with all her heart.

My Grandma, Irene, passed away in 2006, I miss her all the time,
but her early teachings to me,
about our heavenly father,
has filled a very BIG hole in my heart..only one that He can heal.

Happy Mother's Day to the most special Grandma!! 
I miss you, save a seat for me in heaven,
Where we can dance with Our King!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh summer is on the way

If you like wearing shorts year round, then Arizona is where to live! I will admit...I have always wanted to live somewhere else. Somewhere where you have 4 seasons...where you have big ole maple trees growing in your yard, where it doesn't reach 100 degrees by mid April!

BUT here I am living where I was born...

and it is moments like these, when the kids are playing and laughing and having a good ole time,

that I say...ok...Arizona it is.

Zoe, Hannah, Zander, Justin,Damian