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Friday, May 31, 2013

Winner of my May Giveaway

Howdy Yall!!!

First off, I am humbled by all the comments on my tuck!
I do so enjoy making them and you Love was felt!

Thank you to everyone that also shared on their blog!

I FORGOT to mention on my original post that the flower is missing some petals...and why?  doesn't matter because We are all wonderfully made! Even the flower with a few missing petals. without further delay

LOL..who KNEW taking a pic with the webcam would be backwards?? Not me!!

Denise email me your addy and I will get your tuck out to you.
If you have not seen Her blog....OMG
wonderful wonderful stuff!! Go check her out!

 Its going to be HOT here in for me..that pool time and crafting!!
Have a great weekend yall!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally...she sews

Good evening all!
Hope everyone is having a good week.

I had my niece and nephew over last weekend.
Zoe is 6 and has been asking me if she could learn to SEW since she was about 3.

So we worked on a precut, pre-holed, jean purse.

We had to use a REAL metal needle because the plastic fake one that it came with wouldn't fit through the holes in the fabric .

I said you have to promise Auntie you wont poke your eyes out LOL
She promised.

She kept saying over and over, "oh my gosh, I just can't believe I am sewing"
I think my heart grew 10 sizes!

Here it is all completed. All I did was put on the handles.
She took it with her to church the next morning filled with crayons. Telling all the ladies that she MADE and SEWED that!

She LOVES to craft like her Auntie that is for sure.

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for my giveaway!
Winner will be chosen tomorrow night.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Happy Birthday Party

Sending out a VERY Happy Birthday to Annie over at 

Hope you have a Dog-Gone good time!

Paws hugs from Maggie!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Prima Goodies

Happy Week everyone!
Hope yall had a great weekend!

A while back I won some awesome prizes from Prima, scrapbooking supplies company.

I was watching a LIVE prima show on Ustream with
Steff from WIth A Grin

She has an amazing blog and such talent!
She is the reason I started making Mini Scrapbook Albums.
She always says Ladies you can do this!1 And you can!!

Its really funny how it happened. It was the last few minutes of the show. Everyone had been chit chatting and I was still on but had clicked onto another tab on my computer and was not paying attention LOL ( I do that alot)

All of a sudden I hear Cynthia Chapman you won, please email me with your address in formation.
I thought to me self is that me????

I clicked back and yep it was me. THEN, my chat FROZE!!! They kept calling my name I was freaking out!! I am here I am here! Do you see me waving frantically! LOL
I was like a crazy school girl!

I was finally able to private message her and give her all my info.
A few weeks later a generous package came.

Some flowers you can ink dye, all prima flowers are made by hand so cool. A stamp with writing that says love is patient. Funny that is part of the most favorite verse in the bible. Wood buttons, Pearl bling and some pretty blue birds. Along with some letter stickers. I am going to make something very romantic for my bedroom with these..more to come on that.

Thanks again Steff and Prima!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Peach Festival on the Farm

This weekend a local farm had their peach festival. Lived here my whole life and have never gone.
My aunt and I took her 6 year old grandson and headed about 45 miles south east of us to
Schnepf Farm.

This is my cousin Jordie he is almost 7 lol..if I say he is 6 he always corrects me.

We had to see how tall he is. Next year maybe he will be 4ft.

Here we are picking peaches. I was a warm day about 82 in the sun, but yummy fresh peaches!

Here we are riding the hay tractor back to the festival after picking peaches.

This is how the farm looks out in Arizona..dirt and dust LOL..but we had a great time.
I bought some peach salsa..oh it is so yummy!

Wanted to remind everyone of my Give a way

You can click HERE to go and sign up!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend my friends.

Friday, May 17, 2013

is it just me

is it just me..or is blogger being mighty weird?

I have several posts that never posted and when poof!
I have older posts that are now gone.
I cant Upload anything..i have to drag and drop ll pics.

I just dont get it. LOL

Wanted to show off my latest creation.
it is a mini envelope scrapbook album. I so enjoy making these.

This is one of the pages. I used papers from the Mariposa collection.

These are the tags that come with it. I love making tags. It is available in my ETSY shop.
Since it is Friday it is also time for FAAP Friday share.
I am so blessed to be part of a group with wonderful ladies and talent.

First up is Kit from As The Crow Flys Prims
cute pinkeep
Primitive Bird Pinkeep

Next up is Debra at Enchanted Woods CT
look at this birdhouse adorable
Birdhouse...Rustic Star Birdhouse...primitive accessory

Next up is Yorkies Primitives

Love this barn star
Primitive Believe Star Door Hanger, Primitive, Rustic, Home Decor

Hope you will take some time to visit these and buy handmade!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013