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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

kitty pics and cards

I have been busy busy. Creating new things to put in the ETSY shop. Creating goodies for swap partners. I will show in the next post.

Here is a pic of our kitty Maggie and my hubby sleeping.

she always wakes when I snap the pic. Dont let the cuteness fool ya..she is a KITTEN! Up on everything LOL. But she is growing on me.

Now this is Diana. This is my sons' girlfriends cat. She is about 13 years old. She loves to bug me when I am on my computer playing games LOL

I have been working hard on cards for Operation Write Home. You can visit their site by clicking on their badge on my sidebar. 
This is a card I made with stamps from 

I LOVE their stamps. They are great quality and made in the USA!

Me and the color orange are becoming good friends. :)

So what has been going on in your world??

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well it has warmed up a bit here in Arizona..high today is suppose to be 70! YES! 
I do not like sitting around in my sweater LOL.

I have been working on a blanket for my sons girlfriends friend LOL..who is having a baby in February. It is a simple crochet pattern.

It is actually more of a lime green, but my camera decided to make it this color lol.
I will post a better pic when I get it done.

We also have a kitty names Maggie, the kids got her for my hubby in November for his birthday. She is now about 5 months old.

Here she is keeping me company on my bed. She is as wild as wild can get. Not a snuggler like we had hoped. She is always running through the house..oh and she loves to let our pooch Molly know where she stands LOL.
You can kind of see Molly in the pic at bay at the foot of the bed.

Hope everyone has a great Weekend.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Winner of My One Word

Hello there all...I am FREEZING!  It has been down into the 20's in Arizona where I live and this native is just not use  to it. The highs have been in the upper 40's and low 50's.


Now on with out winner..I had those that wanted to participate in the My One Word.
Instead of a new year's resolution, focus on one word that you wanted to focus on.

Mine is JOY..and I will be honest..I am struggling a bit. Seems like everytime I turn around..BAM another problem..but them I look up to my Savior..and there is Joy.

I had seven comments..and I use it is comment number 7
That is Peggy from autumnspromise

Peggy I am sending you an email right now..Congrats.

Thought I would share this pic, its my oldest son Justin in our candle light evening service at church. He was a shepherd. 
No one could recognize him LOL

Have a great evening everyone.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Do yall have a hard time deciding on the "post" title like I do??
I'm telling you that is the hardest part of blogging for me.

With 2013 here..I am making an effort to manage my Gastroparesis, also known as GP, better.
Most days I do good, but then there are days with pain.

So the kids got me a juicer for Christmas. I can not have raw fruits and veggies because of my GP.
I can have green beans and steamed carrots, but no salad. And fruits nothing raw at all.

So..I set out and put my juicing plan into action.
I bought kale, spinach, carrots, pinneapple, pears, and celery for my first batch.

Here is everything all cut up and ready for a few days.
It wasn't that hard to prep food, I just kept singing to the Lord because he knows me and the kitchen don't really get along. :)

and here it glass of juice. I juiced about 8oz of juice and then about 4oz of water. It is easier for me to digest.Although the kids say the celery over powered it, I think it was wonderful. No sugar, No high fructose nothing...just water and juice.

I really miss have salads..never thought I would ever miss this is the best way for me to get all kinds of goodness in my body.