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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Need a caption

Seems all I talk about is how HOT it is here. Yesterday we got up to 120!!
Yes 120

It is NOT a fun time of year for me. I do have my pool to enjoy but 120 is just too hot!


Here is a pic of Maggie. She is so funny! SO big!
Too big for her cat tower I think.

anyhow please leave a comment with what you would use as the photo caption.
I do scrapbooking so whichever one strikes my fancy LOL I will use it

Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharing my pumpkin

Hello everyone. I hope all is well in your land where ever that maybe.
I have been a busy lady.

I have joined a wholesale group to try my hand at that,
I am enjoying it so far. 

Orders are going great.

Here is one thing I made for fall

Its a flat pumpkin ornie.

It is really cute in person. I have a few large orders for these so  I have been sewing and staining, painting and drying these.

They are easy and look great.

Other then that I have just been helping out at our church. We have sold the building we are in and are waiting on the Lord to let us know where we will be going.
So for now most everything is going into storage.

So us women have been packing while the men to the moving.

Arizona is going to have a HUGE heat wave coming though this week. Thursday is suppose to be around 113. My electric bill is going to be through the roof!

But the pool will be a relaxing place in the evening to unwind.

Hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happenings this Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Weather is full swing summer here in Arizona.
Today high of 109.

My pool has been calling me all day, but I have been crafting.
I usually swim towards the evening when its still warm but no chance of getting sunburned.

Hubby made a yummy spaghetti bake! Yes we still use the oven in this heat!

Here are our boys, Damian and Justin watching something on Youtube. Probabaly racing or shooting.
I am so Thankful my kids get along.

and here is good ole Maggie. My wonder acrobatic kitty. My hubby thinks maybe she has some Bengal kitty in her because of the marking on her. She has spots instead of stripes. 
That would explain her wildness.
Here she was taking a break after playing fetch!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day. Those who need prayer I lift you up to our Lord. I know alot of people are hurting and struggling right now.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New kitty pics

Good morning bloggers.
Hope this Sunday is going well for you.
Thought I would hop on and share some pics with you
before I head out to church.

Remember our newest kitty Maggie? 
We got her back in November.

Well here she is. She is seriously getting too big for her cat tree. Poor things she tries to lay up there but she hangs off.

I have noticed that she is very muscuar LOL, she is heavy but solid not fat.

She is also NOT a cuddler. She so wants to be in the room with you, but doesn't want to snuggle.
Here me and the kids were trying to play Yahtzee and well..she had to be in the middle 
of it all as

She really enjoyed watching the dice roll.

Hope you have a Blessed day!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday FAAP share

OK...who stole the time this week?
Seriously!! This week has flown by!!

I am super busy at my day job and that is probably why.

Doing another share for my FAAP team on ETSY.

Up first is 

She has wonderful hand painted wood decorations. Aren't these watermelons cute!!

It so says Summer time!!
All right..who shall we take a peek at next...
Look at this darling watermelon, sunflowers, and crow! I could so see hanging this in my home
Watermelon, Crow and Sunflower Door Hanger, Primitive, Rustic
OK...last but certainly not least we have

Look at this wonderful kitty. Do you know a kitty lover?  Would be a great gift!
Miss Kitty Grungy Primitive Fabric Art Doll/Shelf Sitter/Hanger

I hope you all enjoyed the little peak into FAAP team. We have many many artists that hve much talent and create from their heart.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.