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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Because HE loved me

I am going to honest here...I am new to this whole Jesus thing. I have believed in Jesus and God my whole life. I just never really understood what it all meant. I had some religious background as a child..but never really giving myself to Christ. Never really thought I needed too. 

A few years ago...after my Grandma died whom I adored and who raised me, my world began to become cloudy and fall apart. I started a business that failed. We lost our house we were buying. I became sick and got MRSA and found out I have gastroparesis.  My youngest son was becoming sick all the time. My oldest son's girlfriend became pregnant and broke up with him. My hubby and I seemed to fight about everything including the way the wind was blowing :( 

I complained about my life...thinking how unfair and horrible it was. THEN one day..I couldnt take it anymore..I asked GOD to help me. I told him I can't change or do anything in this world without him anymore. I did not like who I was or what my life had become. I surrendered myself to him..I asked Jesus to come into my heart..and make me what HE knew I was to be.

Over the next 3 life began to change...ONLY with the help of Jesus.  I began hearing this inner voice saying He loved me. I would begin to cry outloud in my car because I could feel this overwhelming love. It was strange and new and wonderful! Everytime I had a problem..I ran to to my phone to complain to someone about what was happening. I stoppped cussing..stopped drinking...stopped feeling sorry for myself. I realized that my life wasnt so bad..and was getting better.  Hubby and I began to share this amazing love again. We both attend church now..and actually enjoy it. We both read Gods word.

Tomorrow, I am getting baptized. I have given my life to Jesus. I have opened my heart to him. I now know the difference between conviction and condemnation. I dont have to feel guilty for yesterday..because HE died for me! He loves me no matter what I do. I have his grace..his peace..his mercy.  I am his.

I shared this because I Hope someone reads this who was in the same boat as me..and realizes that you to can have this wonderful life through Jesus!! 

One of my favorite verses from a song is:
Living He loved me,dying He saved me, buried he carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever,one day He's coming...O Glorious Day!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 of my many blessings

I have been an Aunt now for 11 years. I always "joke" with my sister about how I have nothing that says aunt!! 
So this year at Christmas I got a frame that says all kinds of neat things about being an aunt!
I so love it. 
Here is the pic that will go in the frame...
Me with my nephew Zander and my niece his sister Zoe 
I sooo love being an Auntie!