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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My one word for 2012

For a few years now I have heard of this "one word" thing buzzing around the internet. I always say I am going to do this..and being who I am..I never get around to picking my word. This year I prayed to God to give me the word that would help me most this year. 
While sitting in church a few sundays ago, I heard a few words that i thought would be great for me.

Prayer, Revival, obey, love, kindness, praise, give, the list goes on and on.
BUT I only need one word on that I can really focus on!
Then one night reading the bible the Lord spoke to me very very clear!
You  have good intentions with everything you "think" to do..You have such a clear passion in the beginning.
But you have always been a PROCRASTINATOR!
The WORD that the Lord was giving me was very clear
I have to be DILIGENT in everything the Lord gives me to do. I have missed many blessing and opportunities to help others and share the LOVE of Jesus because I wasnt being DILIGENT.
I need to be DILIGENT in all areas of my life! 

Will you join me and many others and choose your ONE WORD?   
Want to find out more, you can go here MY ONE WORD

Come back, let me know what your ONE WORD is. Lets make 2012 about doing what the LORD really wants us to do!

Monday, December 26, 2011

My blessings from the Lord above

My best friend since I was 16. ( he's 41 can you believe that LOL..such good genes!)

Our youngest son Justin..who's heart is bigger than anyone I know
Our oldest son Damian, so mature and handsome (even at 7:30am )

My nephew Zander and Niece Zoe...they are each others best friends
my little brother Kevin still teasing me after 37 years :)
My sister Danielle..wonderful Mom!!
 My son's Girlfriend Hannah...She is a smart beautiful young woman..
and our latest blessing..Ayva our Grand-daughter. Its been a LONG road to see this little one..but as always with GOD, the road has many lessons along the way and always ends up right where it should be. 
Little blonde pig tails :}
It is such a blessing to have children...and when you see your children...interacting with their children..the whole world comes full circle..and the LOVE is amazing. 

I am SO Thankful to the Lord above for my time on Christmas with all the blessings he has given to me. I thank him daily through prayer and song. The Lord is my everything, without Him..I would have no blessings.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Chistmas Yall

I pray that all of my blogging friends have a very Merry Christmas. Take time to enjoy who is around you this year. Remember Jesus in your Christmas this year.
He is not only the reason for the season, He is also the reason for Life!
See you soon...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bloggerette Society Ornament swap

Are you like me and LOVE ornaments?? I always tell family..just buy me ornaments for Christmas LOL. 
Well, The Bloggerette Girls had a swap and I was so privileged to have Marsha over at Tattered Chick as my swap buddy.
This is what she sent me...
Now I LOVE snowmen! He is so adorable!!!
and this little santa..OMG he is so cute...he is on a cob body..LOOK
I sent this vintage looking ornament box to Marsha..I had fun making it! 
I made the tree from lace..and crocheted the flower tree topper. Printed out a little girl from The Graphics Fairy. This was really out of the norm for me..but i like how it turned out.
 I also got her a embroidered snowman ornie..BUT I didnt take a pic :(.  BUT you can visit Marshas blog to see it and all her wonderful creations!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being an Auntie is fun!

 I So LOVE being an Auntie! My niece Zoe is always wanting to craft..and her brother Zander joins in once in a while..Tonight we made Sock Puppets. Oh..It was the funnest time ever! I am so glad I didnt toss my socks that had lost their mates!
  I have the best nephew and niece ever!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy as a woman can get

I have been so busy. I know..its Christmas ofcourse you are! My friend MJ and I have opened our selling blog. We have been listing things in our Etsy shop..its just been busy and fun. Here are a few things we have listed. Is it hard for yall to make something and not keep it for yourself? hehe.

Here is a Prim candy cane. These are so cute in person.

Vintage wall collage. Its so much fun creating these. Hope yall are having a great week!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My win from Moss HIll Studio

A while back and I mean a while..I posted a comment on Joannas blog over at Moss Hill Studio
I won my choice of things from Joanna. I chose for her to make me one of her Fairy Girls.
Joannas blog was the first blog I ever start following before I started a blog. You know back when we use to just bookmark things.
Joanna is a very talented and inspirational artist. With every post, you can tell she put her heart and soul into it.
I got to know Joanna  through her blog...her art somehow lifted me up and gave me hope that one day I too could take a leap of FAITH and venture out into the world with my crafts.
Joanna is a wonderful child of God. Blessed by His hands to create with her heart.
This fairy now hangs on my tree..and soon she will go into my room on my shelf.
Joanna Thank you very much for the wonderful fairy! She is so precious and wonderful to me.
Joanna didnt know my favorite number was 8 when she created this for me, but God knew. 
vintage laces and fabrics make up this beauty. She has the word FAITH on her. That is this little fairys name now. Joanna didn't know but I have had to walk with great FAITH the past year in my life. God knew I needed that word on this little fairy. 
Here she adorable! all tattered and vintage.This little fairy has a loving home.
Thank you Joanna! God bless you!