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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park 2016

Hubby surprised me with a quick trip to Estes Park, Colorado
for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

It was a 14 hour ish drive and I could not wait to get there
and see snow!

The Rocky Mountain National Park was so stunning in all its snow covered blanket.

Apparently this is a magpie and he wanted to follow my hubby around.

I have seen snow..but not this bright and this beautiful! And not falling on me.

The waters were clear and running where ever they wanted to.

We were chilly, all bundled in our NOT so winter clothes.
Remember we live in the desert. No need for jackets here.
I had to get some gloves and a hat in town because well it is swim suit season in Arizona.

Wait until you see where we stayed. Oh the cabin was darling..and the wildlife was a bound!

Stay tuned........

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time For The Lord

When my life gets all crazy.
When the enemy swoops in cause hey
I am a mess and I am an easy target.

I know what I have been lacking.

We have such busy lives now.
EveryTHING is pulling us in many different directions.

Are we leaving a huge whole in our prayer life?
I know that is the case with me.

When I don;t take the time everyday to spend with the one who created me.
It effects every single part of my life.

It is something we don't intentionally do.
It is not something we want to do.

Remember He created you.
Nothing in your life is a surprise to him.
He is there..waiting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kindness Matters

I have a pillow in my shop that I love.
I have the original one that I made sitting in
my craft room.

What does Kindness Matters mean?

It means when that stubborn hubby isn't helping as much as I think around the house,
I have to remember to treat him with kindness.

I means when someone at work is not
having a good week and snapping at you, I have to remember
to treat them with kindness.

When I call a place of business and am transferred around 5 times before
I can speak to the correct person,
it is not their fault I have to treat them with kindness.

When I am overwhelmed, and at the end of my rope,
I have to remember to treat myself with Kindness.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

God's Timing

Reflecting today. 
God's timing is just as important as being in God's will.

I say it all the time. 
God I want only your will for me life.
Even as I type it I can feel it deep with in me.

But being in His will also means being okay with this timing.
That does not always sit well with me.

As a human when things are being unraveled right before our eyes,
and we see the blessings coming...
We have to remember..
they are not always poured out at once.
 Matter of fact most of the time
they are not.
And if they are going along pretty quickly, I have to STOP and ask...
is this you Lord?
Or my hand pushing things along.

That is one of the great things about the Lord.
He always finishes what he has started in us.

So when I get anxious and want things done yesterday,
I have to remind myself
It is in His timing.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Americana Trickling In

I am sloowly working on some Americana items and putting them in my shop.

Summer time will be here soon enough and 
I know that I will have my Americana things out for display.

These are new. I really love how the colors came out!

Americana Pillows

Americana flowers. These can be put in a pretty bowl. Or even have a stick on them.

Flower Bowl Fillers

I will be adding more in the next few weeks!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Salt River Wild Horses

Hubby and I decided Saturday afternoon to take a trip to the 
Salt River here in Arizona.

It has been many years since we have been.
It is about 32 minutes from our home.

So we headed to gas up the Tahoe and hubby decided he couldn't see with all the
bugs on the windshield.
( mind you more bugs were coming after our trip LOL)

So off on Bush Highway we go. Traffic was not bad at all.
Thought it might be worse since its 80 degrees at 4pm
and lots of people at the lakes.

We were driving along side these Canyon walls to get to the river.
Where I live in Arizona it is desert.

BUT when we got there we realized we needed a "pass" to park. 
The only way to get the pass was to drive back the 29 miles we came.

So we decided to try a lake instead. Same thing.

Funny lived here my whole life and never had to buy a pass..

We had to turn down the entrance to Butcher Jones Lake.
A lake I grew up at and all off a sudden.

My hubby slammed on the breaks and both of our jaws dropped.

The Salt River Wild Horses. I have lived in Arizona my whole life and have never seen them.

They are so pretty. and so use to people. The government had tried to coral these horses and make them not wild anymore.
Until the Arizona people spoke up and said NO!
You have to do that to government. :)

Look at the baby one. Hubby had to park and get out. 
I sat in the car in case we had to move since we didn't have a pass.

What started out as a trip to see a river we have seen many times in our lives,
changed and ended up seeing wild horses I only dreamed of seeing.

I hope to see these guys again...but if was wonderful this time!