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Sunday, January 29, 2012

and the winner is...

Thank you ALL who entered my giveaway! Thank you to ALL who also posted on your blogs.
I visited each one of your blogs..I just LOVE blogland!!!
I love how everyone is sharing so much...either their crafts, their lives, scriptures, or their pets. 
What would we do without blogs???
oh....lets not even think of that LOL.

I have a story BEFORE we go niece Zoe who is 4 was over yesterday. She SEEN the valentine giveaway and she said oh Auntie this is so beautiful...did you make this for me to take to my house? My heart filled up...I know how much she LOVES crafting and things I make. I explained to her that it was for a blog friend..but that Auntie is working on something special for her. Sew...I am making her a mini one for Valentines day!

I typed out everyone who left me a comment.
I know small type LOL 
I cut them up and put them in a bowl 
I had my youngest son Justin swirl them around to pick the winner..
Here he is...I told him to please smile LOL..I got half of one lol..because I have a CELLPHONE cant see I retook the pic 
The winner is MELANIE at  

PLEASE pop over and see Melanie's wonderful!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

3rd week Girls with Cameras

This week I had alot going on..dont feel I got great pics..BUT it is my life :) 

I played a game of SORRY with my sons who are 17 and 21 and my sons GF who is 18. I must really not be good at this game..I am the yellow..all still in HOME :) 
Morning traffic. I only have an 8 mile commute to work..but when they block lanes I end up being late. 
I belong to a WONDERFUL yahoo group. We did an ornament swap..they got here..yeah!! 
My friend started selling Gold Canyon Candles. They are a local company..made in Arizona..and they smell wonderful! So I am burning them..smells yummy! 
 I ordered it a few weeks ago. A blender is a MUST have when you have gastroparesis...smoothies here I come. It was FREE for my years of service at work..gotta love free.
ICECREAM! One of the few sweets I can enjoy and do!!!
Do you want to join us for Girls with Cameras???? Click on the link on my sidebar.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Valentine Giveaway

Good Sunday to everyone! As promised I am having a giveaway.
For some reason, every craft that I do, embroidery seems to be the most pleasing to me.
I think maybe it was one of the first ones I learned from my grandma. 
So...Here is a hand embroidered Valentine Heart. It has a felt back and some padding in between.
It also has a cheesecloth ruffle. With a cute red ribbon hanger.I sewed on 3 buttons and a vintage paper heart.
Here is a close up ...

HERE are the RULES:
1. you MUST be a follower of my blog, new followers welcome
2. You must leave me a comment on this post.
Bonus ENTRY: 
Post on your blog about my giveaway and you get an extra pull. Just let me know in your comment.
That's it. I will select a winner next Sunday evening after church.

Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd Week of Girls with Cameras

I am starting to really like this weekly post! Its funny how I remember what I did all week. :) I hope to get a pic in everyday soon! onward

Night at my uncles house. It is so relaxing to be around a Fire! 
Estate sale finds! Hubby, my friend MJ and I. LOVE LOVE vintage stuff! 

The view out the side window of my car on the way home from work. There use to be corn there a month the mountains in the distant. 
Clearly a pigeon convention at the local park LOL 
This bear is actually brown..darn flash. Anyhow I got in the car this morning and Hubby had left this on my dash board. What a sweet guy! 

Won't you join Chrissy at Chrissy inspired and share your weekly pics?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spent my gift card

I have never liked gift cards! I don't like to give or get them. I have always felt they were too impersonal. If you get someone a should get them a gift. 
That was until THIS CHRISTMAS!
My hubby got me one at Joanns, He said just try'll like it LOL 
He was right!
( I still like gifts better BUT the card was fun)
I got to go into the store and get whatever I wanted.  
First off Christmas ribbon marked down 29cents each! I mean seriously!!
Tim Holtz saftey pins. I have wanted some of these forever!
Tons of paper..I was getting LOW :)
STAMPS was my main goal. These are great! Can't wait to use them.
More stamps!!
Everything I got was on sale! Grand total......after Gift card...$4.23 out of pocket! 
So..maybe next year..
when relatives say..I want to get Cyn a gift card..I will tell hubby to give them the green light!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Girls With Cameras:Week one

I am linking up with Chrissy for her Girls with Cameras weekly share of pics. I will show you what my week was like.  All the wonderful things going on. 

Here is my very HAPPY hubby watching the Denver Broncos STOMP out the Steelers! Football is a pretty big thing in my family. Oddly enough the women get into more then the men LOL. 

I got a little craft time in. I am working on a blog giveaway for Valentines day.
 See that messy shelf in the back..a sign of a busy crafter LOL. or so I tell myself! 
Since we are getting to see our Grand daughter more, I am really feeling like a Grandma. I am finally starting a scrapbook of her. She was so tiny in this pic. CREATING is such good therapy! 
My morning breakfast. Simple begal. I have a chronic illness called Gastroparesis. It is not a FUN one at all! But for the most part, I am managing my symptoms and living a normal life. Praying to the Lord above 2012 will bring a cure for this unpredictable, silent illness. 

Well how has your week went?? Won't you link up with Chrissy and share! I'd love to see what you have been up to. Until next time, May God hold you in his loving arms and keep you safe my friend.

Monday, January 9, 2012

What I am working on

Seems like my mind is going in a million directions. I have been flooded with ideas for mine and my friends craft bizness. Funny we are talking about making Fall things..and its only January.  Anyhow...
I will be having a giveaway will be for Valentines day. Here is a sneak peek... 
you like? lol..I know its not much of a peek BUT I really want it to be a surprise!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonderful gifts from Rebecca

A few weeks ago Rebecca at A Re-purposed life
was celebrating her Birthday. 
We all left comments on what we have learned this year..
 Mine was about prayer. How I can not go a day without speaking to my heavenly father.
 Rebecca chose my comment( as well as a few others) and sent me her beautiful things she makes. 
 First off this is the paper it came wrapped in. I know exactly what I am going to use this paper for. My Grand-daughters scrapbook I am starting. 
This is a heart ornament. I put it on my Christmas tree. It has a picture of Jesus knocking at a door. 
 This is a velvet bracelet. This is So beautiful in person! It has a metal chain and a cross and little heart. 

If you get the chance pop on over and visit Rebecca. She is a wonderful artist and has a wonderful home. She is also a woman of Faith.  Rebecca THANK YOU again!! Such wonderful gifts from a wonderful lady.