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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because of them...

Because of them...
I get to sew anytime I want 
Watch any TV I want
Spend hours on the internet
Take a walk through my neighborhood
Go to work everyday 
Hang a wonderful flag on my porch 
Spend time at the park with my kids 
Cuddle with my hubby on the couch 
Take pictures of my niece and nephew 
Listen to family and friends
Go to the library 

Honestly as a Kid..this day was just a day that we didnt have to go to school..
As I got older I have realized what being a Veteran means..
Men and Woman who have paid a HUGE price, 
sometimes with their life, So I could have all these things I take for granted. is because of them :) 

From my family to all those that service this GREAT Nation

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