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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Because HE loved me

I am going to honest here...I am new to this whole Jesus thing. I have believed in Jesus and God my whole life. I just never really understood what it all meant. I had some religious background as a child..but never really giving myself to Christ. Never really thought I needed too. 

A few years ago...after my Grandma died whom I adored and who raised me, my world began to become cloudy and fall apart. I started a business that failed. We lost our house we were buying. I became sick and got MRSA and found out I have gastroparesis.  My youngest son was becoming sick all the time. My oldest son's girlfriend became pregnant and broke up with him. My hubby and I seemed to fight about everything including the way the wind was blowing :( 

I complained about my life...thinking how unfair and horrible it was. THEN one day..I couldnt take it anymore..I asked GOD to help me. I told him I can't change or do anything in this world without him anymore. I did not like who I was or what my life had become. I surrendered myself to him..I asked Jesus to come into my heart..and make me what HE knew I was to be.

Over the next 3 life began to change...ONLY with the help of Jesus.  I began hearing this inner voice saying He loved me. I would begin to cry outloud in my car because I could feel this overwhelming love. It was strange and new and wonderful! Everytime I had a problem..I ran to to my phone to complain to someone about what was happening. I stoppped cussing..stopped drinking...stopped feeling sorry for myself. I realized that my life wasnt so bad..and was getting better.  Hubby and I began to share this amazing love again. We both attend church now..and actually enjoy it. We both read Gods word.

Tomorrow, I am getting baptized. I have given my life to Jesus. I have opened my heart to him. I now know the difference between conviction and condemnation. I dont have to feel guilty for yesterday..because HE died for me! He loves me no matter what I do. I have his grace..his peace..his mercy.  I am his.

I shared this because I Hope someone reads this who was in the same boat as me..and realizes that you to can have this wonderful life through Jesus!! 

One of my favorite verses from a song is:
Living He loved me,dying He saved me, buried he carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever,one day He's coming...O Glorious Day!!


  1. What a beautiful post, Cyn
    You are very blessed!
    Jesus heals the broken hearted and sets the prisoner free! I hope someone reads your post too, who really needs it. And it is amazing that no matter where God's children live around the world, there is that instant connection of the holy spirit in our hearts together when we meet another child of God whether it is through blogging or in the grocery store. That is why I know God exists, because his spirit communes with our spirit that we are His.
    May you have blessings all week long
    Teresa in California

  2. A beautiful post Cyn, so glad you found our Lord
    hugs Lynn

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