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Friday, May 20, 2011

What I am reading...

Every since I can remember I have always loved reading books. And yes..I like the good old books with pages..not the electronic ones. :)
Some of you know..I am recent Christian..don't that sound aweful! Recent ..ugh..How about recent serious Christian...
I have always believed in God. My life did not always seem that way..
Anyhow..I heard of a book Called... Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. 
This book is so wonderful..and is something I really need right now.
If you have a chance to read so! It is opening my eyes about things..

I WANT to have a better relationship with God...this is helping alot!  If you have read it..or will read it let me know what you think..

Until next time...


  1. That book sounds so interesting! I am sure you will glean something that will help you on your new walk with the Lord.

  2. Do you already have the book? I did a bible study (on my blog) last summer, using this book. I have several copies, if you need one.