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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A reminder to CHOOSE JOY

A while back I started reading a blog about a wonderful lady named Sara. Oh she could write so well...
she touched my heart with every word. She chose JOY even though she was living with a Chonic Illness
that kept her inside her home for some years.
Last Saturday...Sara passed on to be with her heavenly Father. 
Today, while browsing the internet I came upon this poem, 
I don't know who wrote it, but it reminded me of Sara and of My Grandma whom I miss so much.

If Only You Could See
I know you're feeling sad today
because I had to go.
I know you have so many things
that remind you of me so.
And though you cry as you recall
the times you spent with me.
I know your pain would turn to joy
if only you could see.
I'm in Heaven with Jesus now.
We laugh, we sing, we play.
He holds me gently in His arms.
I know no pain today.
And though we're apart for a little while,
Jesus has promised me
He'll someday bring you here
where we'll live for eternity.

If you have the chance...go read Sara's blog. Do as she does..CHOOSE JOY!

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