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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lookie! From my Blogerette Sorority Secret SWAP! is time to share!!!
 I signed up for a secret swap on the Bloggerette much fun! We did a Halloween bag swap and included CANDY!...I mean yummy! 

I secret swapper was Angela @

First off there was yummy candy inside! I didnt take a pic of it cause..well it was yummy and went bye bye pretty fast ! 
I LOVE crows...and my bag has a crow on it!!  (my camera is aweful! need a new one!)
What do I do with my bag??? I take it to work with my hand sewing I do on my breaks..ofcourse!

ANGELA thank you so much for the bag!!!! and the goodies!!!


  1. Angela is a sweetie and I love the crow bag she made for you!

  2. your "crow" bag looks fabulous! Wasn't this a fun swap? I hope you enjoyed your sweets... lol

  3. What a beautiful bag! Love the crow!

    Thanks for joining the swap Cynthia!
    Hugs, Debi

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