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Friday, January 13, 2012

Girls With Cameras:Week one

I am linking up with Chrissy for her Girls with Cameras weekly share of pics. I will show you what my week was like.  All the wonderful things going on. 

Here is my very HAPPY hubby watching the Denver Broncos STOMP out the Steelers! Football is a pretty big thing in my family. Oddly enough the women get into more then the men LOL. 

I got a little craft time in. I am working on a blog giveaway for Valentines day.
 See that messy shelf in the back..a sign of a busy crafter LOL. or so I tell myself! 
Since we are getting to see our Grand daughter more, I am really feeling like a Grandma. I am finally starting a scrapbook of her. She was so tiny in this pic. CREATING is such good therapy! 
My morning breakfast. Simple begal. I have a chronic illness called Gastroparesis. It is not a FUN one at all! But for the most part, I am managing my symptoms and living a normal life. Praying to the Lord above 2012 will bring a cure for this unpredictable, silent illness. 

Well how has your week went?? Won't you link up with Chrissy and share! I'd love to see what you have been up to. Until next time, May God hold you in his loving arms and keep you safe my friend.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I LOVE your pictures! :)

    Your granddaughter is adorable! How old?

    I, too, am a big football fan. It's my favorite sport!Tell your hubby that I said congrats on his Broncos win!