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Friday, February 3, 2012

Girls with Camera week 4

This was a BUSY week for me. I really had to REMEMBER to take pics.
This is Hubby, Hannah, Damian, Zoe. We took a trip to Costco. DONT ever go there on a weekend!! Way busy!! BUT we did enjoy all the food snacks along the way.  
This is hubby cleaning our fish tank. He has 3 little fish, a cat fish, a sucker fish, and a frog.
This is me with Hannah's cat Artimus. He is a very social cat. He will whine and wants to be held like this like a baby. Hubby has become really attached to him.

Every thursday is Mens Fellowship at the church. They decided to ride their motorcycles there. Thank heavens our church is only a few blocks away. 

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  1. I agree with you about Costco. Craziness there on the weekend!

    Maybe your hubby can come clean my aquarium! I promised my husband I'd do it this weekend... :(

    Great pictures! Thanks for playing!