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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A-Z post about getting to know me

I seen this on  a post on KINDRED PRIMITIVES LOVE this blog by the way. Hope you enjoy learning a little about me. Repost and let me know..Ill swing by.

A~Age:39..last year in my 30's
B~Bed: OLD KING..we so need a new one!
C~Chore you hate: Dishes! Anyone that knows me knows I don't like being in the kitchen period LOL
D~Dog: I have one dog named Molly. She is a 7 yr old Mini Shelite. She is such a people person.
E~Essential start to your day: Gotta have my glass of Dr Pepper. :)
F~Favorite color: This one is hard..but I tend to go to I'd say Tan. Oh and black, and green, oh and red LOL
G~Gold or Silver? Silver BUT honestly I dont care for either LOL but bronze wasnt an option
H~Height: I am 5' 7"  but I am shrinking LOL
I~Instruments you play: None..sadly
J~Job title: Customer Service Rep.
K~Kids: Damian who is 21 and Justin who is 17. I am Blessed to have them! Thank you God!
L~Live in: Scottsdale, Arizona. I am an Arizona Native! We are rare ya know.
M~Make of car you drive: LOL..I have no idea..its an SUV!
N~Nicknames: Cyn. I got it a few years ago..its short for Cynthia. I like it..yes I do.
O~Overnight stays in the hospital: Never over night. but have been a few times for day visits
P~Pet peeves: CAT and DOG hair on my furniture LOL
Q~Quote from a movie: I "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood 40 years! " Ouiser in Steel Magnolias
R~Right or left handed? Right
S~Siblings: 1 younger brother kevin, one younger sister Danielle
T~TV shows: 2 and a half men, Wipeout, golden girls
U~Underwear:YES please!
V~Vegetable you hate: brussell sprouts! YUCKO!
W~What makes you run late: Lil ole me! LOL
X-X-rays: yep..plenty
Y~Yummy food I make:I love making enchiladas.
Z~ Zodic I am a sagitaurus