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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring the yard

Today was a very nice, cool, but windy day in Arizona. Enjoying our clouds because the heat is coming. :)
Hubby spent the morning cleaning out pool area. 
Next we decided to take out an overgrown, bee attracting, ugly bush! Here the guys are powering up the tools. Our pooch Molly has that..oh no look!
Here is the bush half way gone! it sure is a mess! It ended up being 2 bushes grown into one big ole mess!
I am so thankful I have these 2 boys and hubby in my life, I am unable to do yard work because of my allergies! So they are always willing to help.


  1. Thank goodness for men who do yard work! Mine is out there all the time... though I think, in part at least, it's because he gets some solitude out there :)

  2. oh your pool looks inviting, the yard work not so much. Thank goodness for the guys
    hugs Lynn