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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Think on These Things Link up

As some of you know, I was raised by my Grandparents. I have never met my father, but have talked through emails and over the phone since I was in 8th grade but never meeting face to face.
When I became a serious christian in 2009, I began seeing the Lord fill all the empty holes in my heart.
Where sadness and heartache once lived...he filled with love and answers.

( horse pic taken by my hubby in Flagstaff, Arizona)

Yesterday my hubby and I had breakfast with My Aunt Kim that is on my dads side. She lives in Arizona and we connected a year ago on FB. This was my first time meeting her. It was wonderful...
Right there..
in the middle of this messy life..
the Lord is giving me my hearts desires.

I am linking up today... 


  1. Isn't He amazing? Everything in His time :0


  2. I am so happy for you about this visit with your aunt. Were the grandparents that raised you your dad's parents?

    Thank you for linking up to Think on These Things!

  3. That's just like our great Saviour. Maybe some day you will meet your Dad face to face. With God all things are possible.


  4. Thank you ladies. My Grandparents are on my mothers side. I have never met anyone on my dads side other than my aunt.

  5. Isn't Facebook wonderful? I've found cousins I haven't contacted in years as well as others I didn't know at all....
    my adopted son got to connect with his birth family also...God is at work!

  6. Great story! Blessing to you!

  7. Congratulations on meeting family. Our God is so faithful to meet the needs of our heart.