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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy busy life

This past Thursday..our oldest son turned 22...I can't say that with out a big lump in my throat.
Here he is with my hubby

Seems like yesterday I was changing diapers and he thought he was a power ranger

our youngest son Justin, Damian, and me.

Then you turn around one day..they are grown and maturing..and making mom feel old lol

This is my niece Zoe..she is a Daisy girl scout..loving it! I sewed her patches 5 on the back lol

Listed this new doll on Ebay. She is from a pattern Sandy at The Olde Country Cupboard.

are yall still here???

I am excited to be joining Brenda at The Rusty Thimble for a HUGE ornament giveaway.
Details  coming soooon.

Check back on Sunday!!!

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