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Sunday, July 28, 2013

my hubby the photographer

My hubby takes wonderful pictures.

Of people you say?

Of cars you say?

Of what then?

Animals and nature.

Yes he is drawn to them. Always has and I have been with him almost 24 years.

Wanted to show you his latest picture.

We have a hummingbird family in our lemon tree.
This little guy keeps watch day and night at the top of the tree.

and if any bird gets to close..he chases them away.

Several times while trying to get the right shot, this little guy would come down from the top of the tree and flutter right in front of my hubby.

Look how beautiful he is.
It always amazes me how beautiful God has made the things of His world.


  1. Beautiful indeed! Can just imagine the time it took to get the little fellow to pose just for that picture.

  2. Awesome shot. Its very hard to get a hummer to sit still long enough.


  3. Love it.
    It reminds me of the song..
    Beautiful beautiful Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.
    Woolie hugs