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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Maggie, cactus, and food

Happy October everyone.
Hope everyone is enjoying the new month.
We are finally cooler now. Highs in the upper 80s! Yes I will take that.

Thought I would share my latest food creation.

Steamed carrots with salt, pepper, and garlic oh and some butter. Oh so so good!
Then that is basically spaghetti bake  but made with chicken, little sauce and lots of garlic.
It was pretty tasty!! 

This is another pic of my ride home from work. I tried to get the top of the cactus and failed LOL.
In spring time there is usually flowers on the smaller cactus.

And Finally....

Here is miss Maggie. I have learned with this kitty she loves being where ever you are. BUT doesn't always need attention. That is hubby's laptop and we were printing shipping 
labels for some orders and when he closed it she crawled up there and took a cat nap!

I tell ya she is the neatest kitty ever!!

Have a Blessed weekend!!


  1. Good morning Cyn we have been in the high 80's mostly stalled at 90 for a high everyday. I awoke to thunderstorms and a down pour this morning, so glad we were getting a bit parched LOL!!
    This is suppose to bring us in much cooler temps.
    Love the Kitty picture how sweet
    have a great weekend

  2. well I'm sure glad it has cooled off for you.

    Maggie is so cute

  3. Poor overworked Maggie LOL!