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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sharing a giveaway

Happy Mid week everyone. Who is getting snow???

Not me, here in the southwest I dont see snow unless I rive up north. Except for a few freak accidents and then let me tell you..CAMERAS are out!!

I thought I would share Brenda's WONDERFUL giveaway!!

Brendas' work is amazing! I am so Thankful that I have met her in blogland!!

There will be 5..yes 5 winners!!
She is so generous..always.

Here is one of the giveaways..a crow!! Now how popular are crows now!! have until December 10th to sign up!! I am headed there right now!!
You can too by clicking this link: The Rusty Thimble Christmas Giveaway 


  1. Happy Wednesday to you Cyn, thank you for sharing my giveaway

    woke to a chilly REAL chilly morning here, but tomorrow we shall be back up in the 60's

    Have a wonderful day

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway! We did get a little bit of snow the other day...but it has warmed up some.