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Monday, March 31, 2014

It's almost April

Most of you in the country are waiting for spring.

Here we have had spring weather for  a while.
Which could mean a HOT summer.

So...Remember all the ducks that we have had in our pool this year??

Well one momma decided to stay and make a nest.

I know its hard to tell in this pic but she is under the bush by our diving board.
Hubby takes her food outside but she doesnt eat it LOL
She leaves the nest for a few hours to go eat I guess. Then comes back home.

She isn't scared of us. We think there is 3 eggs atleast.
Hubby is so excited!!!!


My niece Zoe turned 7 on Friday. Can you believe that??

She had such a great time. It was at a pizza place.

This is the pillow I made her. It is a pattern from Southern Bell Scentz. It says Jesus loves me. Zoe really liked it.


My healthy Journey
How has everyone been doing out there with theirs?
I have adapted a few new things.
I am drinking MORE water then I am soda pop. 
That is a miracle let me tell you.
Water tends to make me nauseated so I have learned to sip water. Also I am drinking at room temp and that seems to help.

Also since I CAN NOT eat any raw fruits or veggies I have been trying  a few things.
i so miss bananas!!! So I tried making banana chips.

It said to bake them at 200 degrees for hours.
I put cinnamon on a few.
Well, they were not hard like chips they were mushy. 

So I didn't have chips, but what I did do was put them in my vitamix with some peanut butter, milk, and ice and made a smoothie. 

Oh it was soo yummy!!! No sugar added!!

 I have also bought me and exercise DVD that I have wanted for a long time. Will share with you next time how that is going.


  1. That's so neat to have a duck staying with you.....grin. Sure love your nieces pillow!

  2. hope you duckling hatch ok.

    I have cut out sugar and foods with alot of carbs in them. I'm down about 12-15lbs. I need to lose that again.

    Put lemon juice in your water. It helps me to drink more water. Good luck.

  3. The duck is well hidden, it's amazing you even saw it. So cute when the babies are born. Well done with the healthy eating.

  4. Love your nieces birthday pillow! Something she will cherish forever, I am sure.

    How fun to have the duck nesting so you can watch! Hope you will share more photos!