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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter  Weekend everyone!

Wanted to share with you the baby ducks that hatched a little over a week ago. It is from the momma that decided to "nest" in our back yard by the pool.

here you can kinda see one of the eggs if you looks really really close. Momma did a good job of covering them with her feathers.

You can hardly see them cause they move fast and its hard to get a good pic of them. Momma had 12 babies. (excuse the messy tree hubby was trimming it when h found the mommas nest)

We spent the first 2 days helping the babies out of the pool. We built ramps, and floating things and they would get so tired and water logged hubby and sons had to get in their swim trunks and actually get in the water and "fish" them out.

We finally decided the babies and momma needed to go to a sanctuary because the babies would have drowned. One almost did!   So a guy from a rescue place came and got them and took them to their new home where there are lagoons and trees and other ducks.
We were also worried about them not having proper nutrition in our yard. I mean we live in the city. LOL

SO while I miss them I am glad they are safe and that we were able to help. Hubby was totally bummed out but is better now. 

Hope you all have a Happy Easter. I am so Thankful for our Lord Jesus Christ. Without him I would be bound for eternity in Hell. But now my sins are washed away and I am on my way to heaven!


  1. Evening Cyn, how sweet, love that. Easter wishes to you and yours, Francine.

  2. Such cute little fellows. Glad they are safe now. Easter blessings to you and your family.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Cyn! You know I am a duck lover!


  4. well how sweet is that!, glad you popped in to say hi over at Sitting At His Feet , you ahd a wonderful Easter!