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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving in The Heat

You heard that correctly.
We are the middle of summer!

The owners of the home we rent have decided to sell. So we have decided to try Townhome living for a few years.

Our boys are in their twenties and dont really play outside anymore. So we dont need the big yard.
Hubby hates mowing because he has become allergic to the grass.

We will have a community pool where we are headed. So we can still enjoy that.

I wont be back on blogging until 2 weeks from now,,,,BUT I may pop on ya just never know.

I also put my ETSY shop on vacation. BUT will come back with some fall things I have been working on.

I will leave you with a card I made using a gorgeous tag collection from Ewe-N-Me Printables.

Isnt it adorable!!  I did it all by sewing machine. Osnaburg sewn on and then scrapbook paper and them the tag.  This collection is really beautiful!!!

So until I return....pray for a safe and easy move.



  1. Good luck moving! Hope it all goes smoothly. :) ~Jessica

  2. love the tag! moving can be fun ,hope the move is a pleasnat one for you as you begin to make it a place of your own, a palce to call home