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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Zoo Lights

Our church took a trip to the Phoenix Zoolights.

It is alot of walking and alot of lights.

We got to take my niece Zoe with us who is 7.

She is such a fun kiddo! I just love her!  She is also my crafting buddy!

Now, Zoe thought the animals were going to be wearing lights LOL
I was seriously cracking up!!!

But once we got there and she seen the lights, she was like ohhhh I see LOL.

Now I love zoos and animals but truthfully this is more my hubby's thing.

So he spoiled Zoe rotten and they both rode Marshall the Camel.

These two were best buds all night!

No I didnt get on the camel, I just took pictures and enjoyed myself.

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