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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Scripture Sunday

I think Trusting the Lord is so easy to do when every thing is going along fine.

You know what I mean.
The bills are all paid on time.
The scale moves a few pounds down this week.
You didn't spill anything in your car.
No supper was stuck to any pans.
Your spouse put his shoes away.
The kids did the dishes without me hounding  asking them to.

But then life happens. The real life.
The one that is not going to wonderfully well.

The one where you gained 3 pounds and you didn't even have that much cake this week.
Where you had to pay your water bill and asked the electric company to hold off a week.
The extra large coke didn't quite make it to the cup holder 
and has left a wonderful mess on your car carpet.
You tried to make something special for dinner and forgot it in the oven until the smoke alarm reminded you.
If only your spouse did pick up their shoes, then maybe you would not have tripped over them.

Yep, that right there is what is real life, for me anyhow.

But all the time I am reminded to TRUST in God. 
When I don't know how I am going to pay the car payment, yet here we are still driving it because He always provides.
He has never let me down, not one single time.



  1. Good Morning Cynthia. That is so true. It's easy when we are on the mountain top. It's when we are in the valley, that shows where we are in our Faith and Isaiah 41:10 says: Fear not for I am with you, I am your God, I will strengthen you , I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Have a blessed Sunday . Yvonne from Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims

  2. I needed this post today! Thanks so much :)