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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Learning and Learning

As a kid I remember hearing my grandma say how fast time flies.
Being a kid I remember thinking
Christmas takes forever to get here.

What I learned.

The older we get the faster life goes.

I plan to enjoy this life.

Every minute God has blessed me with.

and I am learning a few things along the way.

I am leaning how to take selfies with a selfie stick!

I am leaning that windy day trips with the hubby are amazing!
Even if the lake is pretty dried up!
and if my hair is blowing and tickling his face.

I am learning that even when you are stuck in the mud
God is there to help out.

We were stuck in the mud and I looked out my window and said 
Hey there is a carpet out there.
Yes in the middle of the woods!

You see that carpet gave us enough traction to get out of the mud,

Oh how I love the Lord.
How I love this season in my life.
Even with all its trials.


  1. Love your selfies and the story how God helped you out of the mud using a found piece of carpet.

  2. That carpet was just waiting for you! LOL!