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Friday, July 1, 2011

My 4th of July Story!

It was 4th of July...1994.  I was preggos with our 2nd child.  He was due on July 1st and
 was a little late. The Dr said if he isnt here soon we will have to induce you.  I went to a 
family BBQ. Was feeling great..drove to downtown PHX to watch fireworks with the family and went into labor.  I SHOULD HAVE LEFT THEN, but I didnt want our oldest son to miss the show. 
Once the fireworks were over...we fought traffic the whole way to the hospital, with lots of my family following in their cars and my 12 year old cousin helping me count my contractions..LOL..Thanks James!!!

Everyone said hurry..we want a 4th of July baby!!!  

12 minutes after midnight...only July 5th..our son Justin was born. I can't believe my baby will be 17 this year.
Here is Justin with his brother. Justin is on the right side. About 8 months old.

Here is Justin now..almost 17. 
I can not believe how fast time flies. I know all moms say that...but it is so true! One day you are holding them in your arms....and the next they are growing up so fast. Sometimes it is not fair how fast time goes.
SO this 4th of July..we will be celebrating Americas Birthday...and my sons Birthday. Justin is very patriotic...appropriate that his birthday is celebrated RED, WHITE, and BLUE! 

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  1. I love remembering stories like this one!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Birthday, Justin!