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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where I'm From

I follow a wonderful blog Life's not always Fireflies and Hummingbirds  ...such inspiration!  This was posted a few days back and I decided to try can try it too.

I am from  crafting, from Hamburger Helper and yummy pancakes with bacon in them and homemade syrup.
I am from the cluttered house on Taylor Street by the school yard.
I am from the Mulberry trees , the pine tree blowing in the front yard
I am from we celebrate all holidays  and over love, from Grandma and over argue from Grandpa and proud to be a Mills.
I am from the always laughing  and pulling each others legs .
From your gonna be deaf before 30 and your eyes are going to stay that way
I am from a once small town in the desert
I'm from a family who loves their country, loves authentic Mexican food and a good ole hamburger off the grill .
From the horse rides we snuck in the desert, the hours of playing hide and seek in the neighborhood, and the many trips to the forest to get our own Christmas tree.
I am from a family at the end of the street, whos house everyone flocked to, it was the place to be. You always got a warm welcome..and a full belly.

Where are you from?? Play along wont you?  Go here to get the template.  Let me know so I can see where you are from .  Where I am From Template

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cyn,
    great to reae more about yo abd where your from.
    Thank you for posting my giveaway on your sidebar, your such a dear. Best of luck.
    hugs Lynn