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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My win from Moss HIll Studio

A while back and I mean a while..I posted a comment on Joannas blog over at Moss Hill Studio
I won my choice of things from Joanna. I chose for her to make me one of her Fairy Girls.
Joannas blog was the first blog I ever start following before I started a blog. You know back when we use to just bookmark things.
Joanna is a very talented and inspirational artist. With every post, you can tell she put her heart and soul into it.
I got to know Joanna  through her blog...her art somehow lifted me up and gave me hope that one day I too could take a leap of FAITH and venture out into the world with my crafts.
Joanna is a wonderful child of God. Blessed by His hands to create with her heart.
This fairy now hangs on my tree..and soon she will go into my room on my shelf.
Joanna Thank you very much for the wonderful fairy! She is so precious and wonderful to me.
Joanna didnt know my favorite number was 8 when she created this for me, but God knew. 
vintage laces and fabrics make up this beauty. She has the word FAITH on her. That is this little fairys name now. Joanna didn't know but I have had to walk with great FAITH the past year in my life. God knew I needed that word on this little fairy. 
Here she adorable! all tattered and vintage.This little fairy has a loving home.
Thank you Joanna! God bless you!


  1. Oh Cyn,
    What a beautiful ornament.
    Congratulations on the wonderful win!!

  2. Lucky you! Joanna's art always speaks to me. Enjoy your fairy Cyn!