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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Duck convention

Evening everyone..hope everyone is having a good week.

Fall has "sorta" arrived here. Meaning it is now about 92 during the day..but at night it cools pff into the 70s and 60s and you can sit outside.

We don't use the pool much, but it is nice to sit outside and put your feet in it.
It is still relaxing.

This evening during dinner..hubby opened our blinds in the dining room and said
" Holy crap..look at all the ducks."
NOW..we have had ducks in our pool before, 2 of them invaded used our pool for a few weeks.

I looked out..and Oh my goodness
There was a total of 11..ELEVEN!

Now, dont get me wrong I think it is neat that ducks enjoy our yard/pool enough to visit
but really ELEVEN!

All the while my hubby was saying shhhh...or you'll scare them away!
LOL..after they left..he cleaned the poop from the decking..
tonight my Lucy ( ladybug vacuum) will clean inside the pool.

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  1. I think the ducks visiting is cute. I've heard lots of stories of ducks taking over a pool for a bit, but I can never figure out why they'd choose a pool with the chemicals in it.

    We've had Canadian geese around here, which is unusual for our mountain community. Usually they just hang out in the cities.

  2. Omigosh, that is too funny, look at them all in the pool!! We see a lot of ducks near rivers, ponds, lakes, etc, but have never seen any in someone's pool! lol Love it!!

    We are actually having snow flurries as I type this so our weather here in Northern Ontario is very different than yours in Arizona:-)

    I sure have entered the Winter Wonderland Giveaway:-) xo

  3. I had to chuckle at your hubby's comment, I think I would like that on a t-shirt...LOL! Surprised the ducks don't mind the chlorine. Our poor ducks have to suffer through the winter soon. Have a good weekend ~*~Lisa

  4. Too cute! Although I'm sure I wouldn'g want ducks using my pool (if I had one) for long!