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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thriving Thusday Link up, gratitude

I know..its Friday night..ugh...I forgot to link up so I am doing it today.

In this busy fast paced life...sometimes I am focused on what I want..
and forget about the blessings I already have.

Is anyone else with me on this one?

The Lord has been bringing this to my mind alot...since reopening my ETSY and EBAY shop..
I have been focusing on making things.
The Lord will let me get myself in s tussle..and then as always..
puts his hand on my heart and reminds me of all that he has blessed me with.
Remember what I have..and what joy it brings..always gets me back in line and close to God.

A few of my blessings:
A wonderful husband who supports me
2 great boys who make me laugh
electricity for hot summer days
food in my fridge for my tummy
a car and gas in it to drive
2 legs to walk with
2 hands to type and sew with
a loving dog Molly
3 cats that like me, I think :)
Cool mornings..and cool evenings
clean water
soft bed

You have to make it in this are you thriving?

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