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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday FAAP share

It must be true..the older I get the faster the week goes!
This weekend I will be finishing cleaning up our backyard.
Here in Arizona...summer is time to get the yard ready for BBQ's and the pool!

I decided to share with you some offerings from a wonderful team I belong to on Etsy.
FAAP.. Folkart and Primitives.
They are a great bunch of creative women let me tell ya! I wish I could put them all on ym blog, but I think blogger my frown lol or crash lol. and we dont want that.

Up first is The Sunflower Cupboard
Hand painted goodness!
You can visit her shop on ETSY by clicking here The Sunflower Cupboard

Next we have Amy and Angies shop
Oh sweet sweet 
I LOVE pillow tucks and there are so cute!
You can visit their ETSY shop at shudabn twins 


Next we have this beautiful sewing room piece
This is offered by DUlaney Woods Treasure

I so enjoy getting to know these ladies and their work. I hope you enjoy their work too. 


  1. Thanks for providing the links to these amazing people. Great items.

  2. Thank you so much Cyn. I love the items pictured and on my way to look at the rest. Happy Mother's Day! Blessings,

  3. Thanks for Cyn for shining a spotlight on my work. So very very kind and much appreciated!

  4. I'm a bonehead...I meant thank you for shining a spotlight on my work!

  5. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing some wonderful shops:)