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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clean eating

Happy Tuesday all.

Thought I would share a pic with you.

Remember I was doing a clean eating challenge?

Well that it was...a Challenge!!! Out the gate did good!
Then I got lazy, slipped into OLD habits.


But I didnt slip as far back as to when I started. Now with my GP ( gastroparesis) some clean eating was a challenge. No salads here. But roasted veggies in the oven were no problem.

 Here is one of the meals. Its sorta chicken soup in a crockpot.

Everything organic and clean!

So yummy!

I am getting better at preparing. That for me is the hardest part. 

I have not weighed myself. I am suppose to in a few days. I can tell on certain parts of my body something has happened LOL.

I tracked my eating daily on
and let me tell you it would HURT when I would put in a pudding snack. LOL

But what I learned most is my ratios. Between fats, carbs, and protein.
I will continue to explore this because honestly...I feel led by the Lord to get healthy.

More to come. Maybe someday I will post my food tracking!


  1. I have been trying to be more disciplined...cutting back on the Starbucks lol! Mary James Farm magazine had an article this last issue and it said something about stuff we eat bothering us (digestive, skin etc reactions) and asked "why don't we listen to our bodies?". Or it asked "why do we eat things that we need to take a medication to eat? That wears on your body, stomach etc.". My big one there is taking a Lactade pill to eat ice cream (only do it for Pirate Booty or Heaps of Love, I swear!). Anyway, rambling lol!

    Keep up the good work!