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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mean while around here

Happy Weekend all!

I have been seeing the beginnings of fall around on Pinterest and everyones blogs.

Where I live in Arizona there is very little fall or change this time of the year. Thought I would share a  few pictures of where I live.

This is near where I work. In real life the purple is alot brighter but for some reason my camera was not getting it. Yes..lots of dirt LOL

These are the papago mountains. The Phoenix Zoo is near here and some duck ponds.
When it gets cooler I will take some pics there.

This is on my drive home from work. Its funny as a kid I would always say these mountains look light rocky road ice cream. LOL

As  a kid I spent many weekends climbing these mountains.  There is one near hear called the Whole in the rock. Its a hard climb, BUT when it cools off I am going to tackle it and take pics.
You can see the whole Phoenix valley from that mountain.

I do not know why the Lord place my family here in Arizona. LOL. But he did and this is where we are to be I believe. For now. So I will try and find and share the Lord's beauty!


  1. Beautiful ~ it's always nice to see where everyone lives and their surroundings.
    Prim Blessings

  2. So different than up here by us lol!


  3. Beautiful scenery, Cyn. I have always wanted to visit Arizona :)