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Thursday, September 11, 2014

nine eleven

I remember right where I was. 
I was getting the kids ready for school. Oh they were so little then.
I turned on the TV as I usually did in the mornings so the kids could watch cartoons.

No cartoons, No happy faces, just confusion.

It was early. The towers had just been hit and no one knew yet what was going on.

I pondered in my heart do I send the kids to school today?

The kids wanted to go, so I took them to the bus stop. By the time I got back home...
Our nation had changed.

I called my hubby at work. He said keep the news on. Listen to what they are saying.

I watched in horror. All those people running and scared for their lives. Firefighters, police men, every day citizens pulling together.

That evening when the kids were home with me and hubby. We talked about what happened.

I never thought in my life I would ever see this on American soil.

13 years later, the world has become more and more evil.

I pray that the USA becomes a country that loves and cherishes God again.

I pray my grand children will never experience what Our country did on that day.

It's bone chilling how Satan can manipulate people into doing his evil deeds. 

God Bless the USA. 

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  1. Wonderful post Cyn! I was at a clients house, turned on the TV and could not believe what I saw. That picture will be with me forever. :(