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Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 2 check in and my mini pumpkin

Here we are at the end of week 2. did I do.
Well I did 1 day of intentional exercise. It hurt.

Then the day we went hiking was about 2 hours and let me tell you it took a few days to recover.
Even hubby was worn out.

sometimes this is how I feel on this journey. Like I am on this path alone.

I have no umph to get up and exercise. I mean duh..that's how I got this way.

But I have the Lord, you all, and the fitness group!  So I am going to keep pressing on.

Positives I learned, reached this week.
1. I can hike a trail and enjoy doing it!
2. Going up and down the stairs in my condo helps alot!
3. I have less heart burn from eating better!
4. Prayer is a place I love to be in. My Lord gives me strength.
5. After the hurt is gone...I can breath so much better!

So what am I doing this week. Week 3??
I have carved out time to exercise and I am not going to miss it!
No matter what!
I will share next week!!!!!

I few weeks ago me and MJ visited a shop and I have to show you what I picked up. 

isn't he adorable.he is only about 6 inches tall. i saw him and i just had to have him!

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1 comment:

  1. I love your pumpkin make do! I am having a hard time getting back into my exercise routine. After a crazy summer or taking a bunch of time off and slacking I am finding it really hard to get back into the swing of things. Boy, it's the end of October and the summer excuse is still coming up. LOL!