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Monday, October 6, 2014

Well how did I do?

Happy Monday morning to you.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Mine was very productive. I helped a friend clean out her garage. Got more to do on that. I got a lot done on orders that I have.

I wanted to show you what I bought from Brenda at The Rusty Thimble

Isn't he adorable. I Love Brenda's things. I love supporting fellow artists.

As for my exercise challenge..
This is going to be lengthy.

Monday me and hubby walked at a park near us. It was cool in the evening about 88. Yes that is cool for us out in Arizona.

We walked about 25 minutes around a beautiful pond. 5 minutes in my thighs were screaming at me. Literally I think everyone could here. But then they stopped.

I thought I can do this! About 10 minutes in to the walk my lover back and hips decided to join in the screaming and aching. 

That continued the whole walk.

I cried when i got in the car. I cant't do this I told hubby. He said you can and you just did,

I didnt exercise at all that week until Saturday and Sunday. So I only did 3 days instead of 4. Honestly this is so very hard for me.

Us humans we dont want pain, we dont want to suffer.

This week begins week two. This week I am going to be doing arms bands and leg bands. 

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.
With God I can do this!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Love your new Brenda gig!! She rocks!! And yes it is awesome to support our fellow artists XOXO Love Fran.

  2. Your body will get stronger. Day by day don't give up! Warm Blessings! Amy

  3. The and Scream means you are working it girlfriend, and that is what you need to do. don't stop everyday will get easier. I would love to be able to walk again so I could try to get rid of the 20 extra pounds I have, but with my foot I can't, I can't even do squats or leg lifts! Just on, and drink lots of water. And I am so glad you and John both like the Pumpkin Man makedo thank you for sharing
    Love you

  4. Love the pumpkin guy you brought from Brenda! So darn cute! I have started the exercising thing also, I understand what you mean not liking pain! You have this Cyn, take one day at a time!

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  6. I have the best motivator here now in my nephew pup. If he doesn't get out and walk at least a few miles a day he gets aggressive and wants to play rough! This morning we walked into town to mail a letter…he's napping now (thank goodness!). Just remember, you managed it once and the first time is the hardest and thats done! From here on out it'll only get easier! Keep up the good work Cyn!


  7. Your hubby is right, YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. Your hubby is right, YOU CAN DO IT!