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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Salt River Wild Horses

Hubby and I decided Saturday afternoon to take a trip to the 
Salt River here in Arizona.

It has been many years since we have been.
It is about 32 minutes from our home.

So we headed to gas up the Tahoe and hubby decided he couldn't see with all the
bugs on the windshield.
( mind you more bugs were coming after our trip LOL)

So off on Bush Highway we go. Traffic was not bad at all.
Thought it might be worse since its 80 degrees at 4pm
and lots of people at the lakes.

We were driving along side these Canyon walls to get to the river.
Where I live in Arizona it is desert.

BUT when we got there we realized we needed a "pass" to park. 
The only way to get the pass was to drive back the 29 miles we came.

So we decided to try a lake instead. Same thing.

Funny lived here my whole life and never had to buy a pass..

We had to turn down the entrance to Butcher Jones Lake.
A lake I grew up at and all off a sudden.

My hubby slammed on the breaks and both of our jaws dropped.

The Salt River Wild Horses. I have lived in Arizona my whole life and have never seen them.

They are so pretty. and so use to people. The government had tried to coral these horses and make them not wild anymore.
Until the Arizona people spoke up and said NO!
You have to do that to government. :)

Look at the baby one. Hubby had to park and get out. 
I sat in the car in case we had to move since we didn't have a pass.

What started out as a trip to see a river we have seen many times in our lives,
changed and ended up seeing wild horses I only dreamed of seeing.

I hope to see these guys again...but if was wonderful this time!


  1. They are beautiful! What a wonderful present for the both of you to see them. :)

  2. What a wonderful day trip! The horses are beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful surprise, they are so beautiful, and the foal - too cute for words.

    Happy Week.

  4. How wonderful it must have been to see the wild horses, God obviously took you down a different path for a reason. They're beautiful!