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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park 2016

Hubby surprised me with a quick trip to Estes Park, Colorado
for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

It was a 14 hour ish drive and I could not wait to get there
and see snow!

The Rocky Mountain National Park was so stunning in all its snow covered blanket.

Apparently this is a magpie and he wanted to follow my hubby around.

I have seen snow..but not this bright and this beautiful! And not falling on me.

The waters were clear and running where ever they wanted to.

We were chilly, all bundled in our NOT so winter clothes.
Remember we live in the desert. No need for jackets here.
I had to get some gloves and a hat in town because well it is swim suit season in Arizona.

Wait until you see where we stayed. Oh the cabin was darling..and the wildlife was a bound!

Stay tuned........

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