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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Me and My Tree

Before we left our cabin in Colorado,
I had hubby take a picture of me in front of my most favorite tree.

The blue spruce.

It smells great, so soft and well just about perfect for me.

It was a cool 38 degrees when we were leaving. 
Leaving back to the hot desert.

Isn't it wonderful how perfect God made that tree. 
Nurturing it. Giving it sunshine to grow.
Giving it just the right amount.
Giving it water to grow little by little.

That is what he does with us.
By faith he changes us, little by little.
Sometimes it is a painful process.
Sometimes it isn't.

But He is always to faithful.


  1. A very nice tree indeed. Also a great photo of you. A Colorado cabin,... must be very nice place to visit :)