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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Woods Canyon Lake Arizona

Someday I will talk more about this journey I am on.
But for now let's just say...

This trip to Woods Canyon Lake was a workout.

This lake is in Northern Arizona. It is beautiful.
I have never been there that I know of.
Unless I went as a kid and don't remember.

The goal for me at the lake was to dip my feet in the lake.
As you can see there is still snow patches on the ground.

I tell you this..I did not expect that. 
I always forget it is still cooler up north. 52 degrees!

Here is a selfie of hubby and I.
Our faces were cold, my hair was a mess, and we got in some wonderful views 
and GREAT exercise.

I know this because today my thighs are feeling it!

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