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Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Busyness

Seems August has been a busy one for me.

Some great orders have been keeping my hands busy. 
I have also been having some pain...
Dr thinks its carpel tunnel.

So off to a specialist I will go.

A while ago we got another kitty. 
This is Shelby.

She is adorable...and a stinker...and loving...and active.
We sure love having her.

Hubby  and I went with our church family to Northern Arizona to a place
called Bearizona.
It was a blessing to get out of the heat and be where it was cool.

Our Etsy Team is also having a giveaway.
It is being held on Instagram.
10 things are being given away.
So if you have Instagram make sure you are following me for details.
It is starting August 24th.

You can follow me here:

You don't want to miss it! Its fall and Christmas things!!


  1. Awwww...Shelby is adorable! Congratulations! That looks like how my husband (at that time just my boyfriend) brought home my Trouble Baby to me....under his helmet.... Great photo of you and your hubby! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Shelby is adorable. Yes, I agree with Robin- what a great photo of you and your hubby :)