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Monday, August 1, 2016

I am ready for Pumpkin Season

I am ready for fall.
I am ready for pumpkin everything.
I am ready for cooler temps.
I am ready for orange and rust brown colors.

I might have to start pulling the fall decor out early!

New to my shop and I really like this one!

I also have a great pumpkin ornament in my shop.

Are you ready for fall?

If you you have to tell me what is your favorite part!


1 comment:

  1. Hi there, love your pumpkins. :) I can't believe it's almost time to fall colors and decor. I love the oranges, golds and reds. The changing of the leaves in the fall.
    We used to live in Phoenix and go through Scotsdale to work. The hot weather was too much for me though. We were there for three years. We had snow in Feb that shocked me, well a dusting of snow. lol. That was nice. Had good friends there too. Spent most of my life in Utah. Hot but not too hot. And we had wonderful snowy winters. Well gotta run. I like your blog :) Feel free to stop by mine.
    Take care, Janet W