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Saturday, July 7, 2012

He knew you

This is an amazing scripture to me. Really..stop..right where you are..Think..
God knew you before you were ever born.
He knows you so well, 
He knows every hair on your head!
He created you...
For His purpose...
For His Glory.

You are not a surprise to God. He loves you and has loved you as He created you.
This verse comforts me.
He knows right where I am every second of my life.
When I am going through trials..He is there, holding my hand.
When I am enjoying my life..there he is holding my hand.


  1. How very true... I was in hospital once having surgery to remove an ovary which had a dermoid cyst attached. I was struggling to rise up and sit down as I was in so much pain after the operation. I was feeling a bit tearful (my hormones were all over the place) and I remember reading from this Psalm you have chosen today: "He knows our rising up and our sitting down!" God knew I was struggling and He was letting me know He was right there with me.

    Thank you for reminding me of this great truth today.

  2. A perfect verse for me right now. I'm struggling with a decision I have to make very soon about how and where to serve Him, but this reminds me that He is right here guiding my footsteps as well as my choices. blessings, marlene

  3. Sometimes we cannot wrap our small minds around that can we Cyn. Thanks for reminding us.


  4. Awesome words and very beautiful photo! Another wonderful post! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Every now and then I need to be reminded just how much He cares for me, and today's words are a blessing to me ~ thank you!

  6. I enjoy sharing and reading everyones scriptures!

  7. I love your creative space, and I love prim decor, too! I think it's impossible to be creative and stay organized while you're creating. I make a huge mess and then clean it up...over and over, LOL.

    Thanks for the tour!Come see my folk-art-y "studio" sometime!

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