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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thought I'd share

A while back I entered a giveaway for a wonderful hand painted star.
It was hosted by Barbara at  barbsheartstrokes

Here it is hanging on my wall. It will stay up year round. Thanks Barb I so love it!!

Next..our sons GF Hannahs kitty Artimes. He is an orange tabby and well..he is the ONLY male animal we have. He always NEEDS attention. He cracks me up. 
He will come right up to you and meow until you hold him.
 But seriously look at this face..
I cleared a spot while organizing my craftroom...and..well..
he had to lay right where I cleared a space.
We had to shave him a few weeks ago, his hair gets matted and so now he has a lions cut..I think he prefers his hair matted LOL


  1. Hi Cyn! Love the kitty and his "lions" cut! I had a friend that used to do that to her cat and she said that he loved it! He was a whole new cat after he got this haircut!

  2. Hi Cyn,
    Thanks for the shout out about my art work. Glad that you like it and it gets to stay up year round!!
    Cutie kitty too!!
    Enjoy your 4th of July,

  3. Your kitty is too cute! They are just like kids aren't they? Love the star! Congrats!
    Have a great 4th!
    Be blessed,

  4. Love your star Cyn. Airtimes is a handsome boy. How did he get such an unusual name? Hope you and your family have a great 4th.